Exploring Tuscany

The center of the Renaissance, the hub of art, culture and Italy's famous wine industry –Our villas in Tuscany are surrounded by an entire country's worth of sights contained in its patchwork hills. Explore this epic region from the comfort of your own Tuscany vacation villa which, whether a charming farmhouse or aristocratic estate, fits within the landscape here as naturally as the olive groves.

Experience Villas in Tuscany

Villas in Tuscany are often portrayed romantically in books and movies, dot the landscape like ships on a vast golden sea, a natural fit within each unique part of this magnificent province. The 39-square mile Chianti wine region, home to Tuscany villas both petite and palatial, produces Italy's favorite crimson indulgence, while bigger cities like Pisa and Livorno - with their own distinctive Tuscany vacation rentals - retain the grandness and mystique of the Medici era.

You might find your Tuscany luxury villa in the Maremma, the province's wild southwestern plainsland where the last of Italy's hardened butteri, or cowboys, watch over their herds amongst crumbling Etruscan ruins. Some visitors might choose a villa in the beating heart of Tuscany, Florence, that bastion of Renaissance society and home to some of the world's most famous artistic masterpieces. If you can tear yourself away from your Tuscany vacation villa for a day of cultural enlightenment, don't miss a stroll through the Uffizi Gallery - where works by Michelangelo and Da Vinci are assembled - or a stop at a local trattoria for some authentic Florentine delicacies. Return to the peace of your private Tuscan home, satiated by a mix of rich foods and even richer history.

Part enchanted farmhouse and part majestic country retreats, Tuscany villa rentals are the perfect combination of luxury and comfort for your next Italian vacation. Your Tuscany luxury villa will likely include the use of a private pool, lush acreage, personal staff services, and an uncompromisingly unhurried atmosphere that just seems to fit here like the cypress trees and rust-colored sunsets.

By: Katherine Scott


Villa Montepulciano Tuscany

Villa Montepulciano

Montepulciano Area, Tuscany, Italy

  • 6 Bedrooms
  • , 6.5 Bathrooms
  • , Pool
$787 - $1,160/NIGHT
Podere Cecilia Tuscany

Podere Cecilia

Siena Area, Tuscany, Italy

  • 7 Bedrooms
  • , 7 Bathrooms
  • , Pool
$1,243 - $1,934/NIGHT
Sole del Chianti Tuscany

Sole del Chianti

Chianti Area, Tuscany, Italy

  • 11 Bedrooms
  • , 11 Bathrooms
  • , Pool
$1,184 - $2,526/NIGHT
Villa Beatrice Tuscany

Villa Beatrice

Montecatini Area, Tuscany, Italy

  • 7 Bedrooms
  • , 7 Bathrooms
  • , Pool
$246 - $1,282/NIGHT
Le Pratola Tuscany

Le Pratola

Chianti Area, Tuscany, Italy

  • 5 Bedrooms
  • , 5.5 Bathrooms
  • , Pool
$1,480 - $1,874/NIGHT
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