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Exploring Vienna

Vienna’s majestic monuments will transport you back in time, when the Austrian capital was at the height of its cultural influence. Royal-watchers will love re-tracing the steps of the iconic Empress Sissi, while history buffs will enjoy everything the City of Music has to offer, from the Opera Houses to the many museums. Make sure to punctuate your cultural discoveries with a few breaks at Viennese cafés, famed for their elegance and mouth-watering pastries.

Experiencing a luxury rental in Vienna

Our properties in Vienna bring together the best of the city’s luxuries, from sprawling private gardens to plush living areas adorned in an eclectic mix of classical and contemporary art. Fine dining is at the heart of the Viennese experience, and you’ll find that our properties are equipped with vast dining rooms as well as bars and cellars containing the finest vintages the Danube has to offer. While the estates are absolutely stunning, you’ll be particularly enchanted by Vienna’s natural beauty. Some visitors might find it difficult to pry themselves away from the fascinating historical center, but a day-trip to one of the picturesque towns or UNESCO world heritage-sites in the city’s vicinity will be well worth it. From the gorgeous baroque architecture of Salzburg to the panoramic Alpine views of Hallstatt, you’ll have much to discuss with your fellow travelers over the customary afternoon coffee and cake. Whether Vienna is the main event of your Austrian travels, or just a stop on the way to an Alpine ski-trip, its many charms are sure to leave you with wonderful memories. Sounds like a journey you’d like to go on? Book a villa today!

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